I am experienced in personal budgeting and taxation. My services will empower you to better control your finances. Whether you have a Federal or State Tax problem with pending levies, I am confident that I can advise you with the necessary solutions. I provide my clients with the understanding of long-term planning, short term goals along with income and expense tracking. By designing a financial plan tailored just for you, I am here and available to assist you in how to make wise decisions that can better prepare you for a financially sound life.

Connie Morris-Moore CEO
CMM Financial Consultants

Mrs. Connie Morris-Moore is the President and CEO of CMM Financial Consultants. As an entrepreneur, she possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from York College, The City University of New York and a Master’s Degree in Urban Economic Studies, from Queens College, The City University of New York. As a postgraduate course, she received her Financial Planning instructional training from C.W. Post, State University of New York. In an effort to keep abreast of the most current tax laws, Mrs. Connie Morris-Moore continuously attends taxation seminars offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Surgent Institute. Her proactive approach allows her to be armed and ready to implement any new governing rules and procedures that will better serve her clients’ financial well-being. She is a registered Federal and State Tax Preparer, and a Notary Public in the State of New York. She was the visionary, founder and President of Koinonia Investment Club. Mrs. Connie Morris-Moore is conscientious about community service and has been recognized publicly for her outstanding efforts. She has served as an Executive Board Member of the Education Affiliates Credit Union. She mentors the youth and have served as the keynote speaker at several notable financial forums throughout the tri-state area.